How fast can a 6 HP engine go?

Smaller motors have props designed for slower speeds anyway. 400lb with a 15hp will run 24 mph.. for a 6 hp to reach 35 mph total weight is 135 lbs(boat motor fuel passengers).

Is 6hp fast?

At WOT the two-stroke averaged an impressive 16.7kts and 6000rpm, while the four-stroke could just maintain a clean plane of 11.5kts and 5000rpm.

Sea trials.

Mercury 5M Mercury F6
RPM 4900 5100
SPEED (KTS) 11.9 12.3
FUEL BURN (Lt/h) 2 1.7

How fast does a 10 hp motor go?

View Full Version : 10 H.p. = 1.5 M.p.h.

How fast is a 5 hp outboard?

The 5hp engine will put you in the 10mph range, while the 7.50-10hp engines will push you 15+ mph.

How fast is a 9.9 hp boat motor?

Assuming this is a light 14′ utility boat and a standard 9.9, Mercury would recommend a 8.5 to 9.5 pitch prop for the OP’s application and predicts a top speed around 20 mph. In my experience with similar craft and outboards, this sounds very reasonable.

How fast can a 1 hp engine go?

Because it would be minuscule and aerodynamic, you would reduce its wind resistance so much that a 1-horsepower engine could keep it moving at 60 or 70 mph without any trouble. That would give you a high-mileage car.

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How fast is 9 HP in mph?

Looks like the average speed is 40 miles per hour for this unmodified 9 horse power WEN engine. Drivetrain is 30 series TAV2 CVT torque converter clutch.

How fast is 3 horsepower in mph?

To give you a simple reference, a 3 hp electric outboard can push a 12 ft boat with 150 kg (331 lbs) load at a max speed of 9 km/h (5.6 mph). That’s to say the 3 hp outboard motor can provide more than sufficient propulsion for a 10 ft tender or work as an auxiliary power for a daysailer of up to 1.5 tonnes (3307 lbs).

How fast does a 300 hp boat go?

When equipped with 250-hp or 300-hp outboards, these types of aluminum fishing boats can typically have a WOT of 55 mph to 60 mph, or a bit more with two people aboard.

Will a different prop increase speed?

Change Your Propeller

If you are running an aluminum prop, changing to even a basic stainless steel prop will usually improve top speed. … If your WOT RPM is too high or too low, you’ll want to try a prop with more or less pitch.

How much does a Yamaha 8hp outboard weight?

Specs & Compare

Engine Type 2 cyl
Alternator Output at W.O.T. 6
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Fuel Induction System Carb
Weight † 39 kg (87 lbs) – 42 kg (93 lbs)
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