What can I do to protect my car from hail?

What is the fastest way to protect a car from hail?

How to protect your car from hail

  1. Get covered parking. Covered parking can save you a lot of hassle and money, especially in the middle of the country. …
  2. Ride out the hail storm. …
  3. Use blankets or a hail car cover. …
  4. Get Comprehensive and Rental coverage.

How do I protect my car from golf balls?

For severe hail, like golf ball or larger sized size hail, consider layers of cushion over your car. Lay down cardboard over the windshields and top of the car and cover with blankets, towels, or anything else soft to create a two-layer protection.

Do towels help prevent hail damage?

If you can’t find shelter when a hailstorm is brewing, use blankets, towels or linens to cover your car. These layers will cushion the impact from hail, protecting your vehicle or, at least, reducing some of the damage. … These aren’t foolproof, for they don’t cover the entire car and may blow away if it’s windy.

Do car covers help with hail?

Many have multiple layers and are thicker, therefore offering better protection against harsh weather conditions. Most can handle small hail and strong winds, meaning car covers do indeed protect against hail damage.

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