What trucks can fit a car seat?

Are pickup trucks safe for babies?

Small Pickup Trucks

The safest place in a vehicle for any child is the back seat. But many pickup trucks do not have full-size back seats, and that makes things tricky. According to Safety Belt USA, safety-seat manufacturers require that 80 to 100 percent of the car seat base be touching the vehicle seat.

Can a child ride in a 2 seat car?

California Car Seat Law requires all children under the age of two to be in rear-facing car seats in the back seat at all times. Even after turning two, they need to ride in a rear-facing seat if the child hasn’t met the height and weight requirements.

Are trucks safer than cars for babies?

Overall, children are at higher risk of injury in extended-cab trucks — when compared to children riding in other vehicles — whether they are riding in the front or back, according to a new study.

Do baby seats fit in extended cab trucks?

For those that don’t travel with family frequently, those larger cabs may be more truck than they need. But for those occasions when kids need to ride back there, the short rear cushion found in most extended cab pickups can be uncomfortable and often prevents installing a child seat there.

Is a truck good for family?

From moving a refrigerator to buying garden soil, a pickup truck can be extremely helpful for families. With the rise in families buying trucks, automakers are offering more cab configurations with seating for up to six people. Besides hauling furniture and dirt, another place a truck outshines an SUV is towing.

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