You asked: Do any cars have a front bench seat?

Today, few vehicles have front bench seats, and they are almost entirely trucks and full size SUVs. Changes in technology are reopening the door to bench seats, and they have been spotted on some electric and autonomous concept designs.

Are cars still made with bench seats?

Front bench seats are in decline. Bucket seats are the norm in modern times, except for trucks, RVs and campers. There are still, however, some cars that feature bench seating at least as an option. These models allow the user to transport six or more people in relative comfort, without need of an SUV or van.

Why do cars not have 3 seats in the front?

The front bench seat was once standard in American cars, but over time it disappeared, in part due to changing tastes and safety regulations. … Automakers wanted to be able to install automatic seatbelts and airbags in cars and had a hard time making them for the center seat on the bench.

What is a bench seat in a car?

: a seat in a vehicle that extends the full width of the passenger section — compare bucket seat.

What is a front split bench seat?

Split Bench Seat

This is when the seats are split into two or three sections. Vehicles with front bench seats used to be the norm on U.S. roads. Also, the standard for today’s so-called “bench seats” is more of a split 40/20/40 configuration, in which the middle spot is more of a part-time jump seat.

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Are bench seats safe?

Russ Rader, senior vice president of communications with the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, acknowledges that while this is a common seating configuration for pickup trucks, the IIHS does not recommend using the center position on a bench seat rather than a center console on a regular basis unless it has both a …

What cars still have cassette players?

The Lexus SC 430 was the last car to have a built-in cassette player. The final model of the Lexus SC 430 was also the last U.S. car to feature a cassette player. The car was later replaced with the Lexus LC, which was released in 2017.

Will sedans make a comeback?

Sedans could still make a comeback if crossovers become “lame” like station wagons and minivans before them. But even if that does happen, it will likely be years from now after most cars have shifted toward electric. The golden age of ICE sedans is over.

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