How long does a VW car battery last?

Volkswagen has strict requirements for their batteries and offers warranties to protect your battery. The average battery lasts two to three years, but VW batteries will last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

How much does a Volkswagen battery cost?

Your car battery replacement cost will range from $75 to $200, depending primarily on the quality of the battery you choose! Here at the Volkswagen North Scottsdale parts department, we carry a wide selection of genuine OEM batteries that are guaranteed to help your vehicle perform its best.

How long do Volkswagen car batteries last?

On average your Volkswagen model’s battery can last about six years, though it can vary depending on your geographical climate.

When should a VW battery be replaced?

Hall Volkswagen Official Blog

The general rule when it comes to replacing your vehicle’s battery is that you should replace it within about five years, though sometimes sooner may be necessary.

How do you know if your car needs a new battery?

How to Know When it is Time to Replace Your Car Battery

  1. 4 Signs It Is Almost Time For a New Battery.
  2. 1) Your Battery Struggles to Combat Seasonal Challenges.
  3. 2) Your Car Has Been Sitting For Too Long.
  4. 3) Your Vehicle Struggles When Starting.
  5. 4) Your Battery Is Older and Triggers a Dashboard Light.
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Is battery covered under VW warranty?

8 Year High Voltage Battery Warranty

A guarantee for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, on all material or manufacturing defects.

How old is my VW battery?

If you’re not sure how old the battery is, check the warranty (typically set 3 years from the date of manufacture.) You’ll see a code on the battery to indicate the expiration date of the warranty. The date is represented by a letter and two digits, with ‘A’ standing for January, ‘B’ for February, etc.

What is the life expectancy of electric cars?

EV Battery Life Expectancy and Warranties

Of those considering an electric car purchase, 50% view the average battery life at 100,000 miles or more, and 46% believe average battery life lasts 65,000 miles or less.

How long should a new car battery last?

Some cars will get up to five or six years out of their battery, while others will need a new one after only two years. In general, your car will usually need a new battery after three to four years. Replacing your car battery is another part of routine maintenance.

Do Volkswagens need special batteries?

Unlike any other battery on the market, Genuine VW Batteries are specially designed to meet the precise power requirements of your sophisticated VW model as well as the electronic demands of today’s European-engineered cars. … You can also read up on your car’s battery specs in your VW Online Owner’s Manual.

How do I reset my VW Golf after changing the battery?

Member. Windows reset. Hold the master switch down for an extra 5 seconds after all the windows have fully lowered, then raise all the windows and again hold for 5 seconds after they have all closed.

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