How much torque does a windshield wiper motor have?

Rated torque: 53 in-lb.

What is the torque of a windshield wiper motor?

Gearmotor for windshield wipers MRT62-43

Gearmotor for windshield wipers MRT62 – 43 1 Speed 2 Speed
Max. Current (A) 12 12 / 15
No Load Speed (RPM) 30 30 / 45
Nominal Torque (RPM) 4 4
Starting Torque (Nm) 40 40 / 35

How strong is a windshield wiper motor?

At any rate an average wiper draws 5 amps, rising to 10 to 12 amps under heavy/stall load. Supposing the motor efficiency is 60% then the total power maxes out around 4 x 10 x 12 watts = 480 watts input and 0.6 x 480 watts output power .

How much weight can a wiper motor lift?

I believe wiper motors generate about 12-13 ft/lbs of torque, so if you have a small spindle to use instead of a winch, a wiper motor may very well lift a 50lb load…slowly (Cap’n Jack is on to something with using a lighter door).

How do you calculate torque on a wiper motor?

= Angular velocity x 60 / (2 x 3.14) = 0.98 * 60 / (2 * 3.14) = 9.3 rpm = 10 rpm The required motor torque from calculation is above is 2.55 Nm and required motor speed is 10 rpm. This requirement is easily fulfilled by wiper motor as it can give 5 Nm torque at 65 rpm.

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What is the power of wiper motor?

45 Car DC Wiper Motor, 14

Motor Voltage 12V
Speed (Rpm) 45
Power (Watts or HP) 14
Rated Voltage 13.5 V
Current No load 1.5 A

Are wiper motors reversible?

Firstly, in an automotive application, your wiper motor NEVER reverses. The back an forth motion is produced by a motor that is ALWAYS spinning in ONE direction, but is changed to an oscillating back and forth by mechanical linkages. If you wish to control THAT speed, you can control the speed of the wiper motor.

Can you reverse a windshield wiper motor?

Yes you can reverse the motor, they are usually series field motors, so you need to swap either the field windings or the brushes round, but the mechanics may get stuck. The output of the gear reduction operates a linkage that moves the wipers back and forth. …

How long does a wiper motor last?

The wiper motor on a car is supposed to last a lifetime. Typically, this will not be the case due to the conditions that this part of a car is exposed to. The heat and moisture that a wiper motor is exposed to on a daily basis will eventually lead to you having to get it replaced.

What is a high torque motor?

A high torque motor is toroid shaped, like a donut, and thus has a large diameter and short axis. These motors can directly drive the application without additional mechanics, like worm wheels, belts or pulleys.

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