Quick Answer: Can I use non Honda transmission fluid?

Only HONDA ATF fluid should be going into these transmission. This is true when you consult the manual but other fluids will work, you just have to be careful. I have heard of people using Redline D4, Amsoil & Valvoline Maxlife with no problems.

Do I have to use genuine Honda transmission fluid?

Do you Need to Use Honda Brand Fluids? The simple answer is yes. It’s all about corrosion, and Honda fluids will be the best fluid to minimize corrosion and keep your Honda reliable. Different car manufacturers utilize different metal alloys and rubber compounds in vehicle components.

What can I use instead of Honda transmission fluid?

Valvoline MaxLife ATF is suitable as DW1 replacement. If you send out an email to Valvoline team, they’ll response with a document that is listing the DW1 in it.

Can you use any transmission fluid?

Each car has its own recommendations from the manufacturer on which transmission fluid your car needs. Some transmission fluids are very incompatible with different transmission types as they use different additives in the fluids.

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Is it important to use Honda transmission fluid?

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is essential to keeping your Honda shifting effortlessly for a long time to come. But it also helps with fuel economy.

What type of transmission fluid does Honda use?

Always use Honda ATF-Z1 (automatic transmission fluid). If it’s not available, you may use a DEXRON III automatic transmission fluid as a temporary replacement. However, continued use can affect the shift quality. Have the transmission flushed and refilled with Honda ATF-Z1 as soon as it is convenient.

Can you mix Honda transmission fluid?

Answer: If your honda specifies atf-z1 you can use atf- dw1. Both fluids are compatible with each other.

Does Jiffy Lube use Honda transmission fluid?

Honda uses a different ATF that Jiffy lube does not use unless you saw them pull out ATF in Honda bottles. It will ruin your transmission in the long term.

Is Honda transmission fluid synthetic?

From Honda themselves: “Our resources indicate that the ATF-DW1 genuine Honda transmission fluid is NOT synthetic in material.” … Honda Geuine DW-1 is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid that is equivalent with ATF-Z1.

Can you mix old and new transmission fluid?

This fluid starts to lose its standard properties and should be changed to keep the transmission parts and its performance at its peak. Mixing old and news fluids wont give you the ideal viscosity and the reduces the performance of the transmission system.

What happens if I use the wrong transmission fluid?

Using the wrong fluid can cause poor lubrication, overheating, and possibly transmission failure. A mechanic might not be able to reverse the damage, even by flushing the transmission. Mistakenly adding motor oil or brake fluid can also destroy your transmission.

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What is the difference between Type F and dexron transmission fluid?

What is the difference between DEXRON® III/MERCON® and type F transmission fluid? The Valvoline Type F transmission fluid is a high quality NON-friction modified fluid. DEXRON® III/MERCON includes friction modifiers in the fluid additive package.

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