Quick Answer: What engine is better 318 or 360?

the 318 engine has been known to be very reliable and I haven’t had any problems with mine and the 360 has a little more power and may get a little worse gas mileage but will move the truck a little better, but both a great for towing.

What is the difference between a 318 and a 360?

360 is externally balanced while the 318 is internally balanced (might have that backwards). 42 cubic inches difference. Bore and stroke are bigger on the 360.

How much HP does a 318 engine have?

The 318 (5.2 Liter V-8)

The power ratings of the new LA-series 318 were exactly the same as those for the old polyspherical-head design, 230 hp and 340 lb-ft.

How much horsepower does a 360 engine have?

The 360 featured an 8.7:1 compression ration and 255 horsepower at 4,400 rpm. Its torque was 360 ft. -lbs. at 2,400 rpm.

How do you tell if a motor is a 318 or 360?

The 360/5.9 is externally balanced, so if you look at the harmonic balancer pulley you will see a weight cast into the design. The 318 is internally balanced like most engines are, and its harmonic balancer pulley will be ‘symmetrical’ without any balance weight built-in.

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Will 318 heads fit 360?

Yes, you can install the 318 heads on a 360.

How long will a Dodge 360 engine last?

I had 180,000 miles on mine before the accident. The motor will easily go 250,000 miles.

Is the Dodge 5.9 a good motor?

Dodge 5.9 Magnum Reliability

Overall the 5.9 Magnum can be a reliable engine with proper maintenance and care. Reliability reviews tend to be mixed, with a lot of people reporting no issues at all.

How can I make my Dodge 360 more powerful?

The power output of the 360 Magnum engine can be increased with performance aftermarket modifications.

  1. Install a performance aftermarket cold-air intake system. …
  2. Upgrade to performance aftermarket headers. …
  3. Install a performance aftermarket exhaust system.

Can a 318 be bored to a340?

just not possible. IF you want to use the 318, put a stroker crank in it and make a 390 out of it or build a 360 and be done with it. i’ve heard some say that the 68-69 la 318s you could bore . 090 over because of the steel that it is made out of and the walls are thicker.

Can you put 340 heads on a 318?

The 2.02 valves on a 340 head are complete overkill on a 318 unless you are running it constantly in the higher rpm’s. The larger valves can actually hurt your low end.

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