Quick Answer: What is an x13 blower motor?

The X13 is constructed as one piece, with the two components of any ECM, the motor control and motor, housed inside one motor shell. It is a cross between a full-blown ECM motor and a standard PSC motor. However, the torque value programmed into each tap is determined by the HVAC Manufacturer.

How does an ECM X13 motor compare to a PSC motor?

Both are more efficient than the typical PSC motor, with ECM motors commonly being about 80% efficient and PSC being about 60%. …

Is X13 motor variable speed?

Genteq X13 constant torque ECM provides the efficiency of a variable speed ECM with the simplicity of a multi-speed PSC motor, used predominantly in air handler and package system applications.

Why do X13 motors fail?

Applying incorrect high voltage to the X13 motor may cause the motor to not operate, or even damage the motor. … If the voltage is above or below the ± 10% of these ratings, fix the voltage problem first, and try to run the motor. Proper grounding should always be checked and repaired if needed.

Are ECM motors quieter?

ECM motors are very high efficiency (65% to 80%) electric motors. … ECM motors are also quieter than traditional inefficient motors, have longer design life, and require less maintenance.

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Do ECM motors use capacitors?

The ECM is one way of saving on energy costs. One of the characteristics of the ECM is that they do not require adding an external run or start capacitor. But a run capacitor may still be needed for the compressor. From the compressor the Start (S) and Run (R) leads are connected to the capacitor.

What is the difference between variable speed and ECM?

The term “Variable Speed” actually refers to the blower motor inside the furnace or air handler. It’s an Electronically commutated motor, or (ECM). ECM’s are DC motors that function using a built-in inverter and a magnet rotor, and as a result are able to achieve greater efficiency than most AC motors.

What’s the best way to diagnose an ECM motor?

Diagnosing ECM Motors

  1. Verify that the correct thermostat input voltage is present at the interface of the main control board on the furnace or air handler. …
  2. When checking low-voltage connections, always use the C terminal on the board, never on the ground.

Can you ohm an ECM motor?

You can use it to ohm single phase too. Common to start + common to run should equal run to start. ive only had to work on a handful of ecm blowers in 12 years.. All 5 times it was the module, not the motor.

How long does an ECM motor last?

ECMs are also less prone to overheating. In general, an ECM installed in a typical HVAC application should deliver about 90,000 hours, or the equivalent of 10 years of service. A PSC motor has an expected service life of only 50,000 hours or eight years before replacement is required.

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