What is a rich burn engine?

A rich-burn engine is characterized by excess fuel in the combustion chamber during combustion. … In gas compression, the types of engines are either rich- burn or lean-burn. Rich-burn engines have an air-to-fuel ratio that is balanced, resulting in an exhaust O2 content of about 0.5%.

For which of the following engine lean-burn concept is idle?

For which of the following engine lean-burn concept is ideal? Explanation: SI engines are more ideal for the lean-burn concept. A lean-burn mode is a way to reduce throttling losses. In SI engine, the power is reduced by partially closing a throttle.

Does running lean-burn valves?

Engines make the most power when they’re just a bit rich. The extra fuel provides a bit of cooling. If you lean it down the exhaust temp. goes up, and there’s more oxygen to oxidize the exhaust valves.

Why do diesel engines run lean?

Diesel is injected towards the end of the compression stroke, so it combusts under the pressure almost immediately before it has time to spread throughout the available air. As the above quote states, running the diesel engine lean is an attempt to reduce the amount of soot produced, which reduces emissions.

Is methane an exhaust gas?

Methane is a simplest hydrocarbon and is a gas with a strong greenhouse effect. Methane is emitted from the exhaust gas of passenger cars, among other hydrocarbons.

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What are the effects of knocking?

Knocking can cause overheating of the spark-plug points, erosion of the combustion chamber surface, and rough, inefficient operation.

Will running lean damage spark plugs?

The spark plug electrode can melt. If it runs lean long enough, the piston can melt and literally come apart at the ring land or through the center of the crown. Running rich can add carbon buildup on the valves, causing poor seating, and can cause the spark plug to foul, so there will be no spark.

Is it safe to run rich or lean?

Running lean can give you more power but to lean will blow your engine. Running too rich can also hurt your motor. Think of it when you are mixing gas for your weed wacker. It is always safe to add a little more oil than not enough to the mixture.

What happens if you run a diesel lean?

If you run a diesel engine too lean, temperatures spike and NOx emissions go through the roof. … In a modern direct injection diesel, the thing that enters the cylinder on the inlet stroke is air (sometimes mixed with EGR). Fuel does not come in on the inlet stroke. The inlet valve eventually closes.

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