What kind of engine does a Saturn Ion have?

The available 2.4L Ecotec inline four-cylinder engine with variable valve timing (VVT) delivers an excellent combination of power and fuel economy. This engine, standard on the Ion 3, delivers an impressive 175 horsepower (130 kW) and 164 lb.

How fast can a 2007 Saturn Ion go?

2007 Saturn ION Quad-coupe 3 0-60 Times, Top Speed, Specs, Quarter Mile, and Wallpapers

Name 3
Drivetrain Front-wheel drive
Horsepower 170 HP
Torque 186 N.m
Top Speed 203 km/h

Is Saturn a good car to buy?

Several customers have reported that their Saturn cars have been working fine, and they have supported in favor of buying them. Some reports for your consideration. ‘I own a repair shop, and any model of Saturn which I look at is in good condition. It is a great choice.

Does a 2006 Saturn Ion have a timing belt or chain?

The 2.2L 4 Cylinder engine is driven by a Timing Chain. Platinum/Iridium Spark Plugs are recommended to replace every 100,000 miels.

Are Saturn Ion redlines fast?

On October 17, 2003 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the Saturn Ion Red Line, piloted by the GM Performance Division’s “Saturn Land Speed Record Project” set a new land-speed record in the “G/Blown Fuel Altered” Class at 212.684 mph.

What is the fastest Saturn?

In a race from 0-60 mph between 2007 Saturn Sky Red Line vs. 2007 Saturn Aura XR, you would WIN by 0.3 seconds!

0-60 mph Standings.

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Rank 1
Year 2007
Make Saturn
Model Sky Red Line
Horsepower 260

How many miles can a 2004 Saturn Ion last?

Similarly, it is asked, how many miles can a Saturn Ion last ? There is no maximum mileage. Most cars are manufactured to run to 100,000 miles without major maintenance. You should go to the local Saturn dealer and ask for the maintenance schedule.

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