What type of transmission fluid is type A?

It was first introduced for general motors car brands in the mid-50s. It was used for all automatic transmissions. Type A Transmission Fluid is the semi-automatic and ‘hydra Matic.

What replaces ATF Type A?

Type A automatic transmission fluid is all but obsolete these day’s. The modern replacement for it would be Dexron III/Mercon.

What transmission fluid is compatible with Type A?

Type A ATF History And Compatibility

The “Type A, Suffix A” specification replaced Type “A” in the late 1950’s. Dexron “B” fluid later replaced Type A, Suffix A. All iterations of Dexron B, Dexron II and Dexron III ATF products are backward compatible with Type A and Type A , Suffix A fluids.

Is dexron 3 compatible with Type A?

GM Dexron-III(F) licensed products have a license number on the can that begins with the letter F. … This fluid is backward compatible with all previous Dexron fluids as well as the Type “A” Suffix “A”, and the Type “A” fluids produced from 1949 to 1966.

What transmission fluid is compatible with Type F?

Mobil Type F ATF is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring Type F fluid as follows: Automatic transmissions in certain older Toyota, Mazda, Volvo, and other imported vehicles that require an ESW-M2C33-F fluid. In addition, this type of ATF is specified for some Ford power steering systems.

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What is the difference between ATF and ATF 4 transmission fluid?

ATF +4 is a synthetic fluid for finely-tuned transmissions, so if you use a non-synthetic ATF instead of ATF +4 in a car or truck that calls for it, you could damage the transmission. You may use ATF +4 in most applications that call for older Dexron and Mercon fluids.

What is the difference between Type F and dexron transmission fluid?

What is the difference between DEXRON® III/MERCON® and type F transmission fluid? The Valvoline Type F transmission fluid is a high quality NON-friction modified fluid. DEXRON® III/MERCON includes friction modifiers in the fluid additive package.

What is dexron 2 transmission fluid?

RAVENOL ATF Dexron II E is high performance synthetic automatic transmission oil ATF for use in torque converter transmission and power shift transmission of vehicles with specification GM Dexron II E, Ford Mercon and Allison C-4.

Is dexron 6 full synthetic?

Valvoline DEXRON-VI Full-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated with premium synthetic base stocks and advanced additive technology to ensure your transmission runs smoothly.

Is Dexron 3 the same as Dexron 6?

Dexron-III and Dexron-VI are both under the same trade name for a group of technical specifications of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) created by General Motors (GM). … Dexron-VI is much thinner. With the less updated base, Dex-III provides less shelf life than VI.

Is Dexron 3 the same as Dexron 2?

Dexron-III is considered to be backward compatible with other versions of Dexron, meaning it can be substituted for Dexron-II and other older versions of the fluid. … Some replacements for Dexron-III may be available on the market today, but these products are not officially approved by the General Motors Company.

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Is mercon the same as Dexron 3?

Follow Us: Dexron III and Mercon V are similar types of automatic transmission fluid, with the main difference being that Dexron is the formula developed by General Motors, while Mercon was created by Ford.

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