What will happen if a shunt DC motor is directly connected to the supply line?

If it is a shunt motor it will not work , it will produce a humming noise and get heated. The shunt fields normally have high reluctance so the field current will be drastically reduced, which may not be able to create the requisite torque.

What will happen if motor is directly connected to the source?

If the motor has been connected to a source there will be a back EMF for a few cycles. If the induction motor is shunted by a power factor correction capacitor the back EMF will continue for more than 60 cycles. … These currents can be damaging to the motors winding as they will exceed normal inrush.

What will happen if the motor is directly connected to supply without any starter?

if we connect the motor directly to the power supply without starter, the result will be as follows: … This high current will destroy the armature winding because its 35.2 times higher than the normal full load current of the motor. 1760 A / 50 A = 35.2. So that’s why we need to install a starter with a motor.

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What happens if DC motor is connected to AC supply?

As the motor is DC so the field and armature winding made for DC supply. The winding which is made for DC always has more resistance than the winding which is made for AC. … For this reason, the motor will be run in very less speed on AC supply. When DC motor Runs on AC supply more loss and heat will occur in the motor.

Is back emf AC or DC?

Back EMF can have either a sinusoidal (AC) or a trapezoidal (DC) waveform. The shape of the back EMF is important, as it determines the type of drive current and commutation method that should be used for the motor.

What will happen when DC shunt motor is started with load?

Answer : Starting current will be very high so motor will take more current from supply. It may damage the armature winding.

Why starters are required in a AC motor?

The three phase induction motors are self-starting due to rotating magnetic field. But the motors show tendency to draw very high current at the time of starting. … Hence there should be a device which can limit such high starting current. Such a device which limits high starting current is called a starter.

What happened to the DC if it run without any starter explain in details?

What will happen if DC motor is used without starter? Explanation: It would cause intolerably heavy sparking at the brushes which may destroy the commutator and brush-gear. Sudden development of large torque will cause mechanical shock to the shaft, reducing its life.

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Can a DC fan run on AC?

Fans can run on both AC as well as DC according to the circuitry used inside it. Fans that we use in our houses run on AC. They have AC motors inside them. They can not be made to run on DC.

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