Why does my trolling motor run backwards?

Look at the motor case. on one of the ends (about an inch from the end) will be a “detent” or knotch made into the case. This notch is suppose to line up with the fin. If it is 180 degrees turned, or if it is on the prop end the motor will run backwards.

What would cause a trolling motor to run backwards?

If the air coming from the propeller is being pushed toward your hand like a fan, your trolling motor is running correctly. If you don’t feel any air, put your hand on the other side of the propeller. If you feel any air being pushed at you there, your trolling motor is spinning backward.

How do you reverse polarity on a trolling motor?

another way to reverse it is take the screws out that hold the head on,turn it one hundred eighty degrees and put the screws back in. You can also reverse the magnetic field in the motor by removing the two long bolts behind the prop and rotating the housing 180 degrees.

Do trolling motors have reverse?

The prop itself doesn’t “reverse”, but the trolling motor can rotate 360 degrees to you can reverse direction. And everything can be controlled by the remote.

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Which way should a trolling motor prop turn?

You can tell by looking at the way the prop is made to pull in the water. It is correct. Motor turn counter clockwise to to move forward.

Can you turn the handle on a trolling motor?

Yes, by removing the screw and nut at the base of the control box the control box can be turned 180 degrees on the motor tube, then reinstall the locating screw and nut (being careful not to pinch or damage the motor wires inside the tube), tighten the screw and nut as required, and the job is complete.

Can a transom mount trolling motor be used on the bow?

The short answer is, yes.

You can convert a bow mount to a transom mount, and vice versa. If you’re handy with DIY projects, you may only need one motor that you can frequently convert back and forth from bow to transom.

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